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1. HARPOON (1948) JOHN BROMFIELD, Alyce Louis, James Cardwell, Patricia Garrison, Jack George, Edgar Hinton, Hollis (Holly) Bane, Ruth Castle

2. SORRY, WRONG NUMBER (1948) Barbara Stanwyck, Burt Lancaster, Ann Richards, Wendell Corey, Harold Vermilyea, Ed Begley, Leif Erickson, William Conrad, JOHN BROMFIELD, Jimmy Hunt, Dorothy Neumann, Paul Pierro

Burt Lancaster, right and John Bromfield,
relax between scenes.

3. ROPE OF SAND (1949) Burt Lancaster, Paul Henreid, Corinne Calvet, Claude Rains, Peter Lorre, Sam Jaffe, JOHN BROMFIELD, Mike Mazurki.

4. THE FURIES (1950) Barbara Stanwyck, Wendell Corey, Walter Huston, Judith Anderson, Gilbert Roland, Thomas Gomez, Beulah Bondi, Albert Dekker, JOHN BROMFIELD, Wallace Ford, Blanche Yurka, Louis Jean-Heydt

5. PAID IN FULL (1950) Robert Cummings, Lizabeth Scott, Diana Lynn, Eve Arden, Ray Collins, Stanley Ridges, JOHN BROMFIELD, Frank McHugh, Laura Eliot, Louis Jean-Heydt.

6. THE CIMARRON KID (1951) Audie Murphy, Beverly Tyler, James Best, Yvette Dugay, John Hudson, Leif Erickson, Noah Berry, Jr., John Hubbard, Hugh O'Brian, Palmer Lee, Rand Brooks, William Reynolds, Roy Roberts, David Wolfe, JOHN BROMFIELD, Frank Silvera, Richard Garland

7. FLAT TOP (1952) Sterling Hayden, Richard Carlson, Bill Phipps, Keith Larsen, JOHN BROMFIELD, Phyllis Coates


8. HOLD THAT LINE (1952) (Bowery Boys Series) Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, David Condon, Bennie Bartlett, Gil Stratton, Jr., Bernard Gorcey, JOHN BROMFIELD, Taylor Holmes, Veda Ann Borg, Bob Nichols


9. EASY TO LOVE (1953) Esther Williams, Van Johnson, Tony Martin, Carroll Baker, JOHN BROMFIELD, Edna Skinner, King Donovan, Paul Bryar, Eddie Oliver.
John Bromfield and Esther Williams  

10. THE BLACK DAKOTAS (1954) Gary Merrill, Wanda Hendrix, JOHN BROMFIELD, Noah Beery, Jr., Fay Roope, Howard Wendell, Robert Simon, Richard Webb

11. RING OF FEAR (1954) Clyde Beatty, Pat O'Brien, Mickey Spillane, Sean McClory, Marian Carr, JOHN BROMFIELD


12. THE BIG BLUFF (1955) JOHN BROMFIELD, Martha Vickers, Robert Hutton, Rosemarie Bowe

Bromfield gets to play the bad guy for a change in the 1955 release The Big Bluff. He portrays Rick De Villa, a money-hungry conman who sets his sights on Martha Vickers, a wealthy widow with a terminal illness. Tragically, Vickers made only a few more films before a serious illness sidelined her career and health. She passed away in 1971.

Martha Vickers and John BromfieldMartha Vickers and John Bromfield

13. REVENGE OF THE CREATURE (1955) John Agar, Lori Nelson, JOHN BROMFIELD, Nestor Paiva, Robert B. Williams

Bromfield stars alongside John Agar and Lori Nelson in Revenge of the Creature, the first sequel to The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Both films were shot in 3-D.

John Bromfield and the Gill Man

Tab Hunter and John Bromfield

Revenge of the Creature poster

John Bromfield meets an early end in Revenge of the Creature. John Agar Lori Nelson Dave Willock John Bromfield Bromfield with Tab Hunter
Revenge of the Creature poster.

14. CRIME AGAINST JOE (1956) Julie London, JOHN BROMFIELD, Henry Galvin, Patricia Blake

A late film noir feature, Crime Against Joe finds John Bromfield's character Joe Manning has been set up for a murder he didn't commit.

Julie London and John Bromfield
From Crime Against Joe with Julie London

15. CURUCU, BEAST OF THE AMAZON (1956) JOHN BROMFIELD, Beverly Garland, Toni Payne, Harvey Chalk

With Beverly Garland, John Bromfield tracks down Curucu, Beast of the Amazon, only to find out that the beast is a native in disguise.

John Bromfield
Stills from Curucu, Beast of the Amazon

16. FRONTIER GAMBLER (1956) JOHN BROMFIELD, Coleen Gray, Jim Davis, Kent Taylor, Margia Dean, Veda Ann Borg

17. HOT CARS(1956) JOHN BROMFIELD, Joi Lansing, Mark Dana, Carol Shannon, Ralph Clanton, Dabbs Greer

The short feature Hot Cars finds John Bromfield as a pawn in the hands of bad girl Joi Lansing and her car-theft ring.

Joi Lansing and John Bromfield
LEFT: John Bromfield in a portrait that was used to promote his appearance in Hot Cars
RIGHT: Scene from Hot Cars with Joi Lansing

18. MANFISH(1956) JOHN BROMFIELD, Lon Chaney, Victor Jory, Barbara Nichols, Tesse Prendegast, Vere Johns

19. QUINCANNON, FRONTIER SCOUT(1956) Tony Martin, Peggie Castle, JOHN BROMFIELD, John Smith, Ron Randell, John Doucette, Morris Ankrum

20. THREE BAD SISTERS(1956) Marla English, JOHN BROMFIELD, Kathleen Hughes, Sara Shane, Jess Barker, Madge Kennedy

John Bromfield on television



U.S. MARSHAL 1959-60

Bromfield portrayed Frank Morgan in the TV series Sheriff of Cochise, produced by Desilu and released in the fall of 1956. Actor Stan Jones, who wrote the hit song Ghost Riders in the Sky, portrayed Deputy Olson. A total of 78 episodes were produced before the title of the series was changed to U.S. Marshal in 1958.  78 more episodes of the re-titled show were completed until its demise in 1960.

John BromfieldJohn Bromfield

LEFT: Souvenir program for the 1960 Los Angeles Sportmen's Show featuring John Bromfield (in character as Frank Morgan) on the cover. Spot Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound on the TV inset photo.
RIGHT: A 1964 promotional photo

Mary Ellen Tillotson Bromfield
John's wife from 1963-2005

John and Mary in Africa